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iCloud Sync ;(

Hi, I wrate your support a few days ago - no response ;( I’m unsing this app on my iPhone, 2 Macs and one iPad. The syncronisation with ICloud doesn’t work right :((

Just what I was looking for ...

I am using Contacts Journal on my Mac, iPad 2 and iPhone 5. It took a little bit of time to get the iCloud sync correct for all three devices but support was excellent and got back to me right away. It was my fault entirely I syncd the app on my OS devices before syncing with iCloud on my Mac which was where I had ALL of my current information. After I received information for deleting the OS device file on iCloud sync worked perfectly. I find the LOG feature very handy for keeping notes of meetings, emails and cold calls. The map is a nice bonus feature. Well done!

Has become a lot more stabile

I have been using this app on-and-off for two years now. It seems like the synchronization between the Mac and iPhone version now really works, which will make me use it a lot more in the near future. There are a slew of small issues that are mainly cosmetic left. I noticed a headshot (Custom Image in parlance) missing on one contact. Certain UI elements could become more intuitive to use. I’d love to, for example, just select and copy a contact’s name in the contact listing, so I can look the person up on LinkedIn. When selecting a date of a log item, there should really be a pop-up calendar. For to-do items a drop down with selections like “tomorrow,” ”in 2 days,” “in a week,” or “in a month” would be useful for setting up follow-up to-dos. Bottom line is that I am thrilled that I can curate my contacts on the Mac and make calls on my iPhone with data being synchronized back to the Mac.

Good but needs more functions and data areas.

This is good for what it does - storage - and the main thing missing for me is a place for website information. I’m a new user and am concerned that I am going to get all of this data entered here and will not be able to access it for uses other than storage as an upscale address book. I would like to be able to call up a list by Field for instance - all the Volunteers or all of the Board Members with their emails. I would like to be able to get a mailing list out of it. I would like to at least be able to copy the email address I have entered without putting it in Edit mode first. It’s a minor gripe but I’m used to Apple user friendliness. I admit to being technology ignorant of what it would take to have these additional functions. Perhaps some of these functions are already possible. Perhaps I just need to find a different data collection system that already has them programmed in. I’m also puzzled by why all of my contacts in my regular contact book are now missing. I’ll call Apple to straighten that out.


I’ve been using this to write notes on massage therapy clients. I don’t use the map feature. Just names and notes. I need to write notes after every session about what we worked on, recent medical issues, client preferences, etc. It also helps to write personal details about client’s lives and what we chatted about so I can remember them better when they return and relate to them more quickly. Synking between phone and desktop (I use apple products) has been flawless. The synk happens immediately, so the info is always with me, wherever I am. I was skeptical because the app is a bit pricy but it really is a good tool for my perposes.

A Handy Solution

As someone just starting his own consulting firm, it’s essential that I can keep a history of interactions with clients and centers of influence. The ability to simply drag and drop an email into a Contacts’ Files provides a simple means to keep a record of what has transpired. I also like the ability to type in comments to the Log Book. I’m sure more can be done, and will be done, to enhance this product, but for me, it has been extremely valuable. By the way, I’ve received fast and thorough responses when I’ve raised a few questions. Much appreciated.

Email - HOW?

I have been an ACT! user since it was first created and released on a 5.5 floppy disk. (That should tell you something!). I have made a lot of money in sales with it and feel that although it had some drawback, it was the best on the market. Now I have a MAC and am trying to use this program. I can’t even find out how to setup my email. What am I missing?

great app

I am used to the mobile app which is a great support for my prospection, the new mac based app syncs well with my iphone the V0 is a bit unstable and has some unfriendliness features, (too many clicks…) But i am confident they are going to resolve these, and Meanwhile, i am using it everyday !!!

Thanks, they did it!

Finally something that answers basic but good CRM needs. For that price, I hope they will ASAP fix the various bugs and add email integration. But definitel happy of such big spending.

full of bugs

i used it for some month. it´s a frustrating experience. full of bugs, syncing completely unreliable, bad interface and usability. too bad, because the intended function of this app could be quite helpful if but into action in the right way… 10 more updates and it might be a good app.

Unfortunately not working properly

While testing, the app crashed twice on me during a 30 minutes period and in different situations. The *advertized* (for me critical) feature drag-and-drop (import) of emails does not exist (El Capitan). Other features are just implemented and not very user-friendly. The idea is good though (therefore 2 stars). I will ask Apple for a refund.

Great alternative to monthly subscriptions

I’ve been looking for a basic CRM for a while for my start up business. The other options were all web-based and based on monthly subscriptions. This program gives me everything I need to start out - without the complexity and cost of some of the other programs. Easy to set up, works well on my MacBook Air and iPhone - so far so good. I look forward to future upgrades. Thanks.

Easy integration into your workflow - it works!!

Trials, purchases, downloading, testing and just about switching back to a PC, out comes Contacts Journal CRM. Key wins for this app in my circumstances (Industrial Sales) were easy set up with as much native integration into the iOS and OS X environment as plausible. With one instance on my phone and one on my laptop syncing with iCloud, it will log my outbound calls, allow me to add notes to each log helping to keep track of each meeting held (all searchable!). Any questions I have had (outside the quaility FAQ) were answered quickly via email - many little things were user error/not digging deep enough into the settings. I was just working with it again now preparing my week - excellent! As I gain more experiece with this CRM solution I will write more. For now, it stays on my computer and phone, far more than can be said for the 7 others I have tired in the past 8 weeks. Good job Zaal !

Great Start

I really like this app. I think if they continue to update it (even paid additions to the app) would make the app great! I would like unlimited character count and expanding fields in the “fields” tab. Really makes it easy to keep track of contacts and logging activities and todos. Great start to the app. Please keep updating it!

Great for Solo Entrepreneur

This app is great. Makes calls, Text messages and Emails right from the app like advertised no problems then time stamps them and allows you to make notes. As a Consultant I found it hard to keep track of the bank, tax man, insurance brokers, clients and the forms or paperwork that goes aloong with each. This is especially true if I talked to them 3 or 6 months ago and can only vaguely remember what was said. This a clean solution play around with it for a day and you should have it figured out. I dont like subscription apps as they can hold your info randsom and I couldn’t be bothered with the montly fee billing schemes so the cost of this is minor especially as a small consultant know what I can afford right now but in the future if I gotta pinch pennies a subscription is one less thing I gotta worry about.

Basic contact manager works fine support poor

I have been using the iPhone and ipad apps of this application for a few years. they work well enough for basic CRM and aloow you to access offline without monthly fees. I finally bought a mac computer and wanted to share the data with my desktop. What a pain to try to sync the data. spent 6 hours and 5 emails to tech support. Had to figure it out on my own after losing all my data off my iPhone. If your not technically incliled think again if your data is key. make sure to back it up. Why they wont do phone support is beyond me. seems to be working ok now so will stick with it.

As a standalone the app is good… But try and sync with your IOS and your cooked!

As a stand alone contact manager I think it works very well. The problem is that syncing it to my other devices, ipad, iphone or other Mac, and it is a disaster.

Perfect App for contacts

Started a new job and I was used to using Sales Force. So I looked for an app that did not need monthly payments, but still allows me to track my activities and the people I met. I love it.

Not Impressed, Average at Best

Mediocre program that is glitchy and has minimal amount of custimaztion, was using NOW contact a decade ago and it was more advanced than this, ugly interface and overpriced for what it is . . . . .

Frustrating for a power user

The good: - Slick interface. - Integraton with iOS - Sync with iCloud or DropBox. The bad: - Unable to select multiple contacts at once to perform a mass action - like delete. - Unable to mass select contacts by some key such as “all private contacts” or "all contacts not linked to any record in the Address Book”. - Unable to to merge two duplicated contacts within the application. - Unable to to import data from a properly formatted file (e.g. in csv or xlsx format). - Unable to edit the list of Locations for the logs (not contacts)?.I find that if I enter a typo in an address it is impossible to correct.

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